Sharing Almost Everything

Sharing an Entertaining Passion

Drifting away from each other has become easier as people let their electronic devices take over their attention, and many partners in long term relationships should be aware it could happen to them. They might not see it at first, but their attention during meals or talks could be take away as their devices beep, bong or send out a favorite tune to let them know something has been posted online. The two of them might find they visit their favorite restaurants together, but they do not remember what their partner ordered because they were busy with their devices. Changing this means finding something to share, and sharing a passion could lead them back to each other.

A Love of History

There are people in the world who find the small stories of history interesting, and they often spend a great deal of their time doing research. Their partner might find going through dusty old tomes to be boring, but their appreciation of the stories could be something the couple could share. The partner who does the research would have their work appreciated, and their partner might become interested enough to spend more time helping them with it. It could become a special time they share together, and it could give them a new depth in their relationship.

Watching for Birds

Tromping through the woods in the early morning hours is not generally something most people are interested in doing, but those who are busy watching for birds they have never seen find it exciting. If they have a partner, sharing their interest could be difficult for someone unused to the outdoors. They might leave their partner behind and go with friends, but it is important to ask their partner to join them occasionally. While the other person might never develop a passion for bird watching, the time together could be a way to enhance their relationship with each other.

Advanced Basket Weaving

It has often been a joke that those who take basket weaving are looking for nothing more than an easy way to get a good grade without studying, but it has always been a good hobby for those interested in creating something as beautiful as it is useful. Beginners might start out with simple designs, but those who have practiced for years will be able to create items that will grace even the most elegant homes. Sharing this type of hobby with a partner could be a way to laugh together, but it could also be the start of a new level of sharing within the relationship.

Sharing hobbies or interests with a partner is not always easy, and it can be difficult to share the enthusiasm one person has for something with the person they love. It might even be work to convince a partner to at least come along, but it could be well worth the effort if sharing is the goal. Partners should have some different interests and hobbies in life, but sharing at least one of them is a good way to be together without crowding each other.